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This Year — recapping the best podcasts.: #58: Loveline (Fourth Quarter 2000) 

this year. 

Recapping the best podcasts. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 

#58: Loveline (Fourth Quarter 2000) 

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Few syndicated radio shows have permeated popular culture and achieved as great 
a standing as Loveline. Launched in 1 983 and still running today, Loveline likely 
ranks as the foremost sexual health and relationship advice show. The show 
ballooned in popularity between 1 996 and 2005 when it was hosted by Adam 
Carolla and Drew Pinsky, comedian and board certified physician respectively. 
Loveline's ability to be comedic, somber, and at times touching made it some of 
the most striking radio on air, and even its oldest episodes remain remarkable 

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This Year — recapping the best podcasts.: #58: Loveline (Fourth Quarter 2000) 

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Adam Carolla 

Adam Carolla got his break after an accomplished but low paying career as a 
carpenter. Days prior to his thirtieth birthday he met Jimmy Kimmel, marking the 
start of a long and successful comedic partnership. In 1 995 he was hired to co-host 
teen relationship and health advice show Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky. There he 
developed his public image: a witty, intelligent, and thoughtful comedian that was 
always right and was always baffled by idiocy of those around him. In late 2005 he 
left the KROQ studios to found his morning radio show at KLSX, The Adam Carolla 

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Drew Pinsky 

Dr. Drew Pinsky joined Loveline in 1984 while still a medical student at USC, 
appearing on the show alongside host Jim Trenton. In 1 992 Loveline went from a 
Sunday night show to airing five days a week. Pinsky stuck with the show, originally 
getting paid nothing, and then getting paid very little. In 1993 Trenton was 
replaced by Riki Rachtman, and in 1 996 Rachtman gave way to Adam Carolla. 
Pinsky spent ten years doing Loveline with Carolla, forging a strong friendship with 
the comedian. Pinsky still hosts Loveline today and mans his own television shows 
on HLN, VH1, and The CW. 


Ann Wilkins-Ingold 

Security Now 

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The Skeptics' Guide 
to the Universe 

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Studio 360 

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Wait Wait... Don't 

Special guests TeiiMe! 


The Why Factor 

2012 3/05/58-lovel i ne-2000-q4.htm I 





2011; 201 2; 2013 

This Year — recapping the best podcasts.: 


Loveline (Fourth Quarter 2000) 



Row A (Left to right): Tom Arnold, Arj Barker, Amber Benson, Eric Bobo 

Row B: Paget Brewster, Joseph Bruce, Larry Campbell, Jon Cryer 

Row C: Dan Donegan, David Draiman, Louis Freese, David Alan Grier 

Row D: Steven Howse, Murphy Karges, Vanessa Kay, Jimmy Kimmel 

Row E: Steve Kmak, Brian Krause, James Marsters, Mark McGrath 

Row F: Jenny McShane, Tim Meadows, Monty Messex, Minka 

Row G: Larry LaLonde, Tammy Lynn Michaels, Natalie Raitano, Justin Whalin 

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This Year — recapping the best podcasts.: #58: Loveline (Fourth Quarter 2000) 

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